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Congratulations to our 2016-17 Champions

Volleyball Dual - Lourdes Academy (North) and Hustisford, Williams Bay (South, TIE)

Volleyball Tournament - Lourdes Academy (Gold), Montello (Silver)

Football - Markesan (Large) and Cambria-Friesland (Small)

Cross Country- Lourdes Academy (Girls) and Princeton/Green Lake (Boys)

Wrestling Dual - Princeton (North) and Horicon (South)

Wrestling Tournament - Johnson Creek

Wrestling Tournament Individuals -

Forensics - Cambria-Friesland (North) and Wayland Academy (South)

Girls Basketball - Lourdes Academy (North) and Rio, Fall River (South, TIE)

Boys Basketball - Valley Christian, Lourdes Academy (North, TIE), Pardeeville (Central), and Deerfield (South)

Academic Bowl - Markesan

Math Meet - CWC and Williams Bay

Welcome to our new head coaches...

We'd like to take a minute to recognize the new varsity head coaches in the Trailways Conference for the 2016-17 school year:

Cross Country:

Kevin Luedtke - Princeton/Green Lake
Caleb Kleinhans - Williams Bay


Becca Mast - Abundant Life / St. Ambrose Academy
Erin Steuerwald - Dodgeland
Laura Trautmann - Fall River
Trudi Woods - Lourdes Academy
Joelle Dunleavy - Princeton/Green Lake (returning after a leave in 2015-16)
Tammy Heck - Rio
Scott Fitzgerald - Wayland Academy


Derek Sweger - Deerfield
Shannon Mueller - Horicon/Hustisford
Kevin Wopat - Lourdes Academy
Shawn Ford - Palmyra-Eagle (new to Trailways in 2016)
Tyler Johnson - Pardeeville
Bob Meyers - Parkview (new to Trailways in 2016)
Randy Herbel - Randolph
Brian Brewer - Rio
Tyler Hill - Wayland Academy

Girls Basketball:

Andy Thomson - Abundant Life
Brittany Bylsma - Cambria-Friesland
Kari Hankins - Madison Country Day

Boys Basketball:

Bill Otte - Dodgeland
Bob Camosy - Madison Country Day
Mike Grams - Princeton/Green Lake


Joshua Brandsma - Pardeeville
John Dunlavy - Lourdes Academy
Caleb Keinhans - Williams Bay


Emma Sawdey  - Hustisford